Keeping our city beautiful with the help of 400 members and over 13,000 volunteers.

Keep Waco Beautiful was started in 1979 as the Beautification Committee of Waco. The committee changed its name in the 1980's to Keep Waco Beautiful.  What once started as a small committee dedicated to beautifying the community is now a non-profit organization with over 13,000 volunteers and a plethora of activities yearly.


Our mission is to help make Waco a cleaner, healthier, safer and more beautiful place to live, work and play. We believe that concentrated cleanup, beautification and anti-litter programs develop a feeling of community pride among our citizens.


We are dedicated to teaching people to take responsibility for enhancing their community environment through action, education, and involvement. Keep Waco Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful.


Keep Waco Beautiful is an award winning program that has won the prestigious Governor's Award six times, bringing almost $1 million into the community that was used in beautification efforts, and also second place in the national Keep America Beautiful award.


Keep Waco Beautiful currently has over 400 members and over 13,000 volunteers.


Who is Keep Waco Beautiful, anyway?

Although Keep Waco Beautiful has been contributing to Waco's beautification efforts since the late 1970's, many residents are not aware of our accomplishments or who we actually are.  Some folks think we're a division of the City of Waco, but Keep Waco Beautiful is a non-profit organization comprised mostly of your friends, neighbors and local businesses who are volunteering their time and efforts to help make Waco a beautiful place to live.


We often work quietly in the background and don't seek a lot of recognition.  Our projects can be as small as a neighborhood cleanup or as large as the lighting of Waco's Historic Suspension Bridge.


Maybe you're not familiar with us, but you've probably seen some of our work:



1979 Added Martin Luther King Blvd. Medians


1980 Built Indian Spring Park


1981 Moved Historic Horse & Dog Trough to City Hall

Lighted Suspension Bridge


1983 Erected 3 flag poles at Indian Spring Park


1984 Built Miss Nellie’s Pretty Place

Added Band Shell to Indian Spring Park


1988 Established 2 recycling outposts


1989 Landscaped W. Waco Drive


1990 Beautified Airport Terminal


1993 Planted 500 trees at the Waco landfill


1994 Beautified Floyd Casey Stadium’s Valley Mills Entrance

Beautified Red Horse Barn Entrance at the HOT Coliseum


1997 Beautified Bosque Blvd. Triangle


2001 Built Heritage Square

Donated community Christmas Tree


2002 Beautified La Salle Avenue Median


2002 Erected flag pole and flag honoring Sept. 11 victims

Landscaped MCC entrance honoring Gordon Rountree


2003 Added 4’ to the community Christmas tree

Gave away trees to city residents without trees


2004 Replaced sidewalks, medians, landscape on E. Waco Drive


2005 Helped City sponsor planting of Treaty Oaks at Lover’s Leap


2007 Held Downtown Cleanup/Graffiti Removal with 2000 Baylor freshmen vol.


2008 Hosted “Gardening on Elm” beautification project on Elm Avenue


2009 Helped fund new recycling program at all Baylor athletic events


2010 Involved over 13,500 volunteers in Cleanups, Recycling Events,

Beautification efforts, Environmental Educational opportunities, Public

Awareness Events


2012 Won the Govenor’s Community Achievement Award


2013 Planted trees on Colcord


2015 Beautified Miss Nellies Pretty Place as well as the using the monies earned from the winnings of the GCAA to beautify the corner of MLK and Lake Shore Drive.


2016 Won the Keep America Beautiful Restoration Grant of $10,000 to beautify and restore Lake Waco park entry ways




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History of Keep Waco Beautiful

In 1979, Frances Sturgis, friend of First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson who introduced the national beautification effort during Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, convinced Waco leaders to establish the Greater Waco Beautification Association.  Nine people met to discuss the needs for an active, ongoing beautification effort.  The Environmental Commission and the Image Committee of the Chamber of Commerce were unanimous in their backing of this new association.


In 1980, the organization incorporated and became a 501c3 nonprofit organization called Keep Waco Beautiful.  By 1984, Keep Waco Beautiful had become a certified affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful with 437 members.


Keep Waco Beautiful's countless volunteers have given tens of thousands of hours to cleaning, beautifying, recycling,educating and creating community awareness through the years.


Keep Waco Beautiful continues to host cleanups and landscaping events.  We continue to educate students and residents.  We continue to hold Arbor Day celebrations and bring exciting new programs and events to the community.  We will still contribute large projects such as Heritage Square to the community.  Keep Waco Beautiful continues to offer service to this community in the form of enhanced quality of life.  Those issues are vital to a thriving community and often go unnoticed, even when they are accomplished well.  A good quality of life will result in retention of happy, more satisfied residents and businesses and will aid in attracting new businesses and citizens as well.


This is such an exciting time for our community!  So much is being planned and taking place.  Cameron Park recently turned 100 years old.  Keep Waco Beautiful has been contributing to the revitalization of that wonderful 400 plus acre park in the heart of our city!  Our downtown and Brazos River areas are attracting new businesses and entertainment venues at a record rate.  Keep Waco Beautiful is ready to help our role in the community's vision for the future.  There is so much opportunity for Keep Waco Beautiful to support and contribute and play a significant part in so many of these exciting new plans!


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